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The Re-discoveries

the Menhir on the place of the finding


Used for centuries what "bridge" of attraversamento of a canal of I drain natural, in the Supersano campaigns in Lecce god province,   was recovered, what finding, from the PINO DE NUZZO, architect and delivered the municipal administration, the what administration to avoid possible deturpamenti decided to move it and place it "standing" in the park of the Rimembranze, nearby to another Menhir.  

So the archaeological park of the Supersano Council one is enriched of a third Menhir.

The zone where the Menhir was found out is rich of archaeological finds, in fact to few hundredses of meters of distance two cabins were identified by the Prof.Paul Artur of the University Of Lecce and the zone is full of worked chert Scheggie and not.

His measures are:          Ml.2.30 height

                    let employer cm.40

                            let side cm.20

particular of the six notches placed on the superior frontal part  

Two weeks ago this 2.30m stone has been relocated into the Parco delle Rimembranze


It is a raw or briefly worked stone rectangular section block, high from a meter and means to five-you are meters and Infissa in the ground for a meter, a meter and means, without support base. Some authors attribute the Menhir to the Civilization Of The Iron, others at more recent epoch. Above all spread in the III-II A.C millennium. in France and the British islands, where the he is isolated sia che disposed in alignments or circles, in the Salento he seems sia been used in Roman epoch as primitive road signal, since the he is often in correspondence of Viari crossings.

The menhir always have the turned wide face toward the sun, and that reveals the religious connotation. Then the Christianity often superimposed its ritual symbols on the previous pagan rite: crocuses were carved on the faces of a few Dolmen, and in other cases a cross was put on the superior part.

sight of the internal time of underground the Olive oil pressed



Found again thanks to a piece of research on the missing buildings in the ancient Casarano center. From the sources document them near the local historical archive he learned that the olive oil pressed ipogee is among the more ancients than the country and he developed his function up to the first half of 1800. Of property of the Maria SS Annunziata parish. it was abandoned for many years up to when, in 1905,   was not dispossessed and bought by the Municipal Administration of the time in the amount of L.417.50.

(from the Quotidiano of Lecce of 12.21.2000)

Importing architectural discovery in the Piazza Garibaldi castle

Behind the ivy, S.Salvatore

Please find the remains of a church considered as destroyed again

The last marriage would have been celebrated in 1794, between donna Rosa Rubinacci and don Francesco Saverio Maritati, , it was Domenico, fom Copertino. After then no news had had herself more than the church than San Salvatore, between the most ancient of Casarano, that he was considering himself as totally destroyed and that time, after centuries of silence, having gone back to the light seems. The frescos which were found again under a very thick ivy plant in the courtyard of De Lorenzi palace, already Aquino, in Piazza Garibaldi, in the full center of the town should, in fact, really belong the ancient church. To give the news I am the Giuseppe De Nuzzo architect and Giovanni Fracasso, young researcher, who are together with other keens making a wide piece of research in the town ancient center to take back to the light the numerous churches a not very remote time which were doing from crown matrix of Very holy Annunziata Maria to the church. Of the San Salvatore church news is already had in a document of 1580, where Chierico talks to himself about the first, let alone in the book of the marriages of the matrix church, which one learns from of the last wedding ceremony celebrated there at the end of the eighteenth century, and also the archive of the Arcivescovile curia of Nard. But it is the same historian Antonio Chetry to refer, however considering it as totally destroyed having been demolished after about four centuries of cult without leaving track, as it reads himself between his studies. Today, instead, with all probability is necessary seeing this thesis again: the church is going yes destroyed, but not completely. They would remain, in fact, tracks of present frescos on two layers. that superior would go up again to about 1600, while the lower one is of Reinassance epoch, in the year 1000 and 1200 , affirm the discoverers, according to whom the building had to have an internal forehead of about 3,5-4 meters and a depth of 6-7 meters. There is also a beginning of time to barrel and a tax of 1 meter and means. The frescos present a narrative cycle and on the part there is uncovered the saint's form at present with the aureole. besides the finding of these tracks, the fact that the same church was inside Aquino palace awakes interest. Always from the historical documents everyone in fact understands that the San Salvatore church was private property, before the feudatories Filomarino and then gods than Aquino. The superintendency, informed about the discovery, will say his soon after Christmas.

                                                                       MAURO STEFANO  



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Curriculum Vitae and technical methods/equipenents 

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